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It's that time again, to get a behind-the-scenes look into one of our favorite beauty brands in our Behind the Beauty series. Today, we're chatting with Tanja Gruber of max and me, one of our newest skincare lines. This Austrian-based line is full of high-quality ingredients and high vibrations, which we at EcoDiva love. Plus, the scents of each product make max and me a coveted brand for our whole team. Read on for more about how the line started and why "high vibrations" are important for skincare (plus, don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to find out about our FREE max and me gift to you during December!).


Tell us the origin story of max and me—what’s so unique about the line?

Max and I met through mutual friends and it was love at first sight. We instantly knew deep down inside that we were meant to envision and build something together that would inspire to lead a life in beauty, radiance and grace.

We wanted to let something of utter beauty grow out of our love story, something that benefits the world and helps to make it a better place—by encouraging people to nurture a greater harmony with their bodies/their skin, their spirit, the environment and one another.

It turned out to be our delightfully holistic, purely organic, eco-luxury skincare line “max and me.”

“max and me” is unique in that we aim to take skincare to another level with high vibrational ingredients, realigning people with the wholeness that is inside themselves, with their innate healing abilities.


What is the hero product of your line? What do you recommend people start with?

“sweet serenity” mask & wash is my holy-grail product, my max and me hero.

Whenever the to-do list is overwhelming, the nights are too short, the traveling is too intense, the kids need too much support, my inbox is bursting … I put on sweet serenity’s mask & wash, letting it sit on my face and neck for 30 minutes, breathing in that ravishing smell, feeling embraced by the superpowers of this treat and I can see clear again, coming home to myself and starting off again, beautiful and strong into new challenges.

Upon opening the pretty jar, you are instantly enticed by the scent of raw Balinese cacao, sweet honey, pure clay, fruity mangosteen and rare beauty oils only to succumb minutes later to the bouquet of essential oils—with skin-savior immortelle being its hero. This lush, enticing gorgeousness is bursting with super antioxidants, inflammation tamers, as well as soothing and calming ingredients. Plus its Manuka honey with its rich enzymes and active ingredients acts not only as an incredible inflammation tamer, but also as a most beautiful humectant drawing moisture into the skin, brightening skin tone, fading scars, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

mask & wash can either be used

  • as a wash for skin with active conditions to soothe, calm and tame inflammations or for skin that needs an immediate hydrating brighten-me-up. 
  • or as a deeply calming, hydrating mask, giving an additional healing and radiance boost.

max and me tanja gruber

Above and beyond this, mask & wash suffuses you with beautiful vibrations helping you to center again, to come home to yourself, realigning skin and soul with their perfectly harmonious rhythm and innate self-healing capacities. You feel joyously ready to take on any challenge that might come your way.

To start with our line, I highly recommend our incredibly beautiful oil-cleanser “purity & grace” (note to our EcoDivas: You can get a travel-size of this beauty for FREE when you spend $75 on the line during December! No code required; just shop max and me).

“purity & grace” is gorgeously effective for all skin types and beautifully clearing for troubled complexions with its circulation-enhancing, balancing and regulating properties, guiding skin back to its innate rhythm and its self-healing capabilities. The way how you cleanse your face is so crucial to your daily skincare routine: It can give such a tremendous balancing, regulating, detoxifying and hydrating boost. The way how you cleanse will also determine how your skin takes on the products to follow. 


Tell us about the high vibrations in your skincare. Why is that important?

Max and I meticulously search ingredients worldwide with a very high and rare level of vibration. High vibrational ingredients make such a difference to your skincare routine; they really are game changers, transforming skin and soul. High vibrational ingredients are not only more focused in their effects, more potent in their healing capacities, but they also suffuse your skin and your whole being with vibrant energy and exquisite harmony, realigning all your bodily systems (cells, tissues, organs) and your energetic centers (chakras, meridians…) with their perfectly balanced, innate structure and rhythm.

So this is basically about regulating, guiding everything out of balance back into balance again. This harmony can be beautifully felt emotionally, mentally and it dramatically shows on the skin. You glow!


What are your top must-have beauty products outside your line?



What’s your beauty philosophy?

When you find that bright spot inside yourself and start to live from that place… nurturing your connectedness with spirit, environment and one another. Then you begin the dance, you truly become you, turning on the inner light ever so bright, shining and dazzling, radiating lovingly out into the world, inspiring and warming everyone. That’s when beauty happens.


If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

Breathe consciously at least once a day, which is also a most wonderful invitation to meditate!

Thanks for sharing, Tanja! And now, Divas, it's your chance to try max and me for yourself: Spend $75 on the line during December and get a FREE travel-sized purity & grace oil cleanser, no code required. Because, #ecodivalovesyou.

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