Meet the Maker: Sonia of Woodlot


It's here: The latest from Woodlot, the gorgeously scented home and body line. We're talking essential oil blends, mists and lotions that are nontoxic and nourishing. We're in love with the line's unique scents and love how their updated, clean aesthetic contributes to a beautifully styled home. Read on for thoughts from co-founder Sonia Chhinji on the line's expansion and her supehero product—and more info a FREE gift you can snag with a purchase from Woodlot (while supplies last)! 


What’s Woodlot’s origin story?

My partner Fouad and I are no strangers to toxin-free home and beauty products. We personally weren't satisfied with the products we were purchasing for our home + body and started to look further into the ingredients that were being used, how the products were being marketed and how some of them weren't as clean as they claimed to be. Both of us grew up in homes where recipes were passed down from family members and pure, raw ingredients were encouraged not only for consuming but also applying that philosophy to what we were putting onto our bodies. 

What’s the super hero product of your line?

We love our coconut wax candles because we feel that coconut wax is a better option for mother earth than soy, but our soap bars are seriously the bomb. We have customers emailing us all the time telling us how the soap bar is perfectly nourishing and that it's helping their skin. We love hearing these sorts of stories from our customers. (EcoDiva note: We're totally in love with the new essential oil blends and lotions!) 

How do you get inspiration for the scent blends for Woodlot?

Scent is so magical. Our scents are inspired by the season we are in, the season we are dreaming of and sometimes a combination of the two. It's not as planned out as we'd like it to be sometimes, hanging in the studio opening up some new oils and we'll start blending things together and just experimenting. 

When you think about working on Woodlot, what gets you most excited?

We recently added products to our collection! We took our time to see what products our consumers connect with and what we can continue to add that is useful and beautiful.

Ready to try Woodlot for yourself? It's your lucky day, Diva! For a limited time, spend $50 on any Woodlot products and get a FREE travel-sized lotion. It's the latest from the line, and we're already slathering it on ourselves repeatedly. Just shop and we'll do the rest! 

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