Organic Makeup: ILIA Beauty Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer Review

When I first heard that organic, natural beauty powerhouse ILIA Beauty was releasing a tinted moisturizer and concealer, I knew I had to get my hands on it, stat. The brand is always on point with its stylish, trendy lip colors and I can’t get enough of its lip crayons (seriously—I own them all). 

The results aren’t guaranteed to be perfect when a brand that’s known for one type of product ventures into new beauty territory, but that’s not what we’re working with when it comes to the new goodies from ILIA. Not only has the brand created two beautiful products, they’ve also stepped up the clean, organic makeup game.

ILIA’s Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer is exactly what you want a tinted moisturizer to be. It’s lightweight, with sheer coverage and great color. When you apply it, it actually feels more like a moisturizer than a foundation base, which isn’t always the case when it comes to combo color-moisturizer products. The combination of aloe, sesame seed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, shea butter and rosehip oil hydrate, heal and protect skin, while rosemary leaf extract (an antioxidant) helps fight free radicals and signs of aging.

What’s also fabulous about this tinted moisturizer is that it’s got sun protection of SPF 20—but it doesn’t act like a sunscreen. There’s no chalkiness, no white hue left behind. In fact, the color offerings are quite lovely. Usually, a light-medium (I’m a Hanalei | T2 color in the ILIA base) tinted moisturizer leaves me looking a little orange, but the colorists at ILIA have created blends that are more neutral and can adapt to your skin, melting into your natural skin tone and revealing a glowing complexion. 

The coverage is perfect for days I want nothing more than my skin to be hydrated and slightly evened, yet it also wears well under a light dusting of my W3LL PEOPLE Altruist Mineral Foundation, when I want a little extra coverage, or when I need to hide a blemish or two.

Which brings me to the ILIA Vivid Concealer. I think I might like this even more than I like the tinted moisturizer. As a beauty writer who’s allergic to beeswax, I’ve found it extremely hard to find good liquid and cream concealers that don’t contain bee products. ILIA’s is one of those.

The Vivid Concealer is pigmented without being thick or dry. It’s a true liquid concealer, but it wears more like a cream concealer, with more staying power and density than most cover-ups that come in a squeezable tube. A very small dab hides under-eye darkness and helps redness or blemish fade into the background.

The ILIA concealer also heals as it covers. Arnica leaf extract is a wound healer and an anti-inflammatory, which helps calm redness and can reduce blemishes. Calendula flower, long known for its skin-calming and healing properties, promotes healthy skin while soothing irritation.

I use the concealer (I’m color Maca | C2) after the Tinted Moisturizer, applying with my finger or a small concealer brush to tame any irritation or redness that’s presenting itself on my skin that morning. It also works well on its own, if you just want to even a few spots without a full face of color.

Have you tried the ILIA Beauty Tinted Moisturizer and Concealer yet? We'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment below!

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