Prawn Sage: The Anti-Aging & Anti-Cancer Ingredient You Need to Know Now

Prawn Sage

Are you ready for some recent ground breaking news in the world of plant sciences?! This information is so profound, we are still trying to wrap our heads around this astounding anti-aging, anti-cancer ingredient: prawn sage.

You might have heard of the super ingredient prawn sage (salvia haenkei), the hero of the Bottega Organica skincare line, one of our favorite, high quality, green luxury lines we carry at EcoDiva Beauty. Bottega is one of the most powerful lines we've tried because it's based on scientific testing of plant ingredients and founded in anti-aging properties. While there are many sage plants out there, this particular one has profound healing qualities and is deemed noticeable by its fiery-red blooms that resemble a shrimp head, hence its name.

Co-founder of Bottega Organica and molecular geneticist Dr. Andrea Alimonti recently published a paper in the scientific journal Aging, a leading U.S. publication that focuses on the study of human aging, about the key ingredient in BO's product line: salvia haenkei (prawn sage). Dr. Alimonti, along with Italian researchers, uncovered that extracts from salvia haenkei—one among over 900 described sage species—can extend youth in human cells by 50%. Additionally, according to this groundbreaking study, salvia haenkei can also defeat aging caused by UV rays (photo-aging) and thus prolong youth in stressed skin.

Stumbling upon this miraculous ingredient from this hardy plant took years of research and thousands of trial and error procedures to determine what exactly this plant can do for our health and skin. Prawn sage is a natural inhibitor of “senescence” which is a fancy word for preventing aging! But it goes beyond anti-aging. This ingredient prevents and reverses signs of aging by rejuvenating human cells.

“Many great discoveries are driven by a quirk of fate. I was working on a completely unrelated project, a novel cure for cancer by inducing aging in cancer cells. And then, wow! I discovered that youth can be prolonged by extracts obtained from salvia haenkei and its unique scarlet flowers,” stated Dr. Alimonti

Remember, I always say that skin has memory. It is true. Skin aging starts at a cellular level, way beyond the time you actually have any visible evidence such as wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. Aging occurs over time, as cells stop dividing and regenerating new cells. Free radicals, environmental factors, stress, lifestyle choices amongst others are the leading causes of skin aging.

When a product can actually perform at a cellular level, that is where the magic happens. This is key to creating visible difference in the skin from the inside, out.

While we are raving over the dramatic physical changes that this powerhouse ingredient produces, the anti-cancer benefits are nothing short of a miracle. Since Prawn sage works at a cellular level, it is no wonder that this ingredient can also be highly valuable medicinally to eradicate cancer cells in certain cancers. What those are we aren’t sure but we are eager to see what Dr. Alimonti will discover next!

If you are looking for a skincare line that is highly anti-aging you must give Bottega Organica a go! Here are our top three picks to try right now:

    1. Bottega Organica Eye Illuminate Cream: We consider this eye cream the hero of the line. Our founder Charlene can't live without it for its amazing anti-aging properties, and creamy consistency.
    2. Bottega Organica Activate Face Serum: This super-concentrated serum helps your skin maintain the elasticity and collagen necessary for bright, clear, youthful looking skin, all with the help of prawn sage.
    3. Bottega Organica Body Contour SerumAn anti-aging serum for your body that helps reduce cellulite and protects against signs of aging with prawn sage, chili pepper and peppermint.


If you have been a fan of Bottega Organica, tell us what you love most about this line. We are constantly on the hunt to bring cutting edge, high quality beauty products to you that is sure to deliver the results you want and help the planet simultaneously. Remember, Eco Diva loves you, and loves hearing from you!

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