Max & Me Oils: The Benefits of Sweet Serenity and Purity & Grace

There are so many wonderful things to be said about Max & Me. It's a truly holistic line that honors the essences of each ingredient that is carefully and lovingly selected to go into each product.

Back in February, I discussed a little bit about Max and Tanja’s vision of their line Max & Me. What makes their skincare so incredibly unique is that their ingredients are highly vibrant, which cohesively line up with our bodies' energy channels called chakras. So in a sense, it is a mind, body and soul experience each time you use their products.

Whether you believe it or not, you cannot help but be transported even if just for a moment to a lovely realm of beauty and inner and outer peace. As a holistic esthetician and your in-house beauty expert, this really gets me excited! Now, let me geek out a bit on the line's ingredients plus share with you why these products are so remarkable (and make sure to read all the way to the end for an exclusive gift from Max & Me!).

Purity & Grace Facial Oil

The first product I am happy to share with you today is Max & Me's Purity & Grace Facial Oil Cleanser and their facial cloth that pairs perfectly with the cleanser.

First of all, this cleanser is a must-have for any skin type! That’s right you read that correctly: Anyone can use this cleanser regardless of your skin type! From the most sensitive, reactive skin to blemish and acne prone, aging or combination skin, your complexion will reap the rewards of this oil cleanser.

Not totally familiar with the oil cleansing method? Let me explain: 

Oil cleansing is a simply done cleansing ritual where an oil-based cleanser is applied directly to dry skin and maneuvered around the face like a regular cleanse. Think of it like this: oil attracts oil. It is a brilliant concept to remove makeup, stubborn impurities and excess sebum (skin oil/sweat). Oil cleansing is perfect as a single cleanse then followed by a another cleanser to complete the cleansing process.

The even better benefit? It doesn't strip the skin of its essential properties so your face is left soft, refreshed and hydrated. Can’t we all use a bit of that?

Immediately upon applying Purity & Grace, the intoxicating, grounding aromas of juniper, cedarwood, neroli, lavender and orange blossoms will calm your senses. They are enveloped in a rich array of oils such as apricot kernel, African marula, Polynesian tamanu, sesame and seabuckthorn fruit oil. These ingredients are not only antibacterial and anti-viral but they are also loaded with antioxidants.

Again what I love about Max & Me is that all these ingredients have the specific purpose of not only cleansing and nourishing the skin but also revitalizing and nourishing your spirit! I suggest that you take your time massaging the cleanser into your skin. This is really an essential component of using this product, otherwise your skin may not reap all its amazing benefits.

By massaging in the cleanser, you will truly give your skin the best cleanse possible. The soothing, organic and wild-harvested botanicals will balance out your skin and detox the skin from impurities.

After cleansing, I highly suggest using their facial cloth to wipe away the cleanser, a bit of water or dampening the cloth is helpful too! The cloth aids in gentle exfoliation as well. Your complexion will be glowing and oh so supple! Dull complexions truly be gone!

Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash

Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash is the next product that I am excited to highlight from Max & Me. Not only is it an exfoliating cleanser but it doubles as a facial mask too!

This product is excellent for troublesome skin: Whether you are battling congestion, acne, hormonal flare-ups or just need a good detoxing skincare product, this is for you! However it is also amazing for mature skin in need of a pick-me-up!

It is wonderfully hydrating and your senses will feel light and serene upon use. It is completely non-irritating and gives the skin a laundry list of pure, wild-harvested and organic ingredients to completely soothe and restore the skin to a healthy, clear and balanced complexion.

The kaolin clay and Balinese cacao powder are the exfoliating ingredients in this jar of pure bliss. As a cleanser, you will feel the tiny granules as they are massaged around the skin. As a facial mask, you will feel a slight tingle on the skin after a few minutes, and that just means all the powerhouse ingredients are working together to exfoliate and treat your skin. Speaking of ingredients, here is a layout of them all, best said by Max & Me:

"With powerfully regenerating immortelle, antibacterial manuka, balancing wild mountain lavender, inflammation taming sandalwood, regenerating neroli, toning ylang-ylang. The lovingly created blend of essential oils in sweet serenity imparts calming serenity, soothing palmarosa, calming patchouli and wonderfully moisturizing rose. The benefits of these essential oils all help soothe inflamed, itchy, cracked, chopped conditions. Thereby restoring skin’s innate perfectly harmonious rhythm, boosting its self-healing abilities and providing optimum hydration.”

When using as a cleanser or mask, you’ll apply a few drops of water and mix with your hands and fingers to gently massage or apply Sweet Serenity to your face, neck and chest. I am telling you, wearing this as a mask is such an enriching experience of the senses. At EcoDiva, we cannot get enough!

As a little tip, after applying as a mask, lay down and close your eyes and slowly breathe the sensational cocktail of essential oils. You will feel so restored from head to toe, inside and out. It is truly that magical. Dive into this product and experience it for yourself, you will love it! 

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