Say Goodbye To Nappy Rash Naturally

Nappy rash need not be a prolonged source of pain for you and your bubba—below Edible Beauty + BUBBA Australia's founder describes five easy ways to prevent nappy rash and easy ways to combat it quickly if it does appear. Perfect tips for the winter weather!

  1. The Right Barrier.
    When it comes to nappy rash, prevention is often easier than cure. Using the right barrier cream ensures that there is an effective barrier between your baby’s bottom and nappy contents. Many commercial barrier creams contain harsh ingredients which may themselves be a source of irritation for your baby’s delicate bottom and be the reason for your baby’s nappy rash. These ingredients include fragrances, parabens, propylene glycol, petrolatum, boric acid and BHA which function as anti-fungal agents, preservatives and fragrances. Many of these toxins have been linked to endocrine disruption, skin irritation and possible carcinogens. Look for an effective botanical barrier ingredient in your cream such as Candelilla Wax or Marshmallow Root, natural antimicrobial and healing oils such as Coconut oil, Olive Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil and extracts designed to repair such as Calendula, Chamomile and Kakadu Plum Seed. These can be found in the Edible Bubba Coco Baby Bottom Crème.
  2. Nappies & Change Time.
    As a general rule of thumb change your baby’s nappy as often as he/she is fed or as soon as you notice that it is wet. Leaving it for longer periods can mean nappy contents can eat away at the delicate fibres of your baby’s skin. Use water to wash your baby’s bottom and pat dry with soft towel. Alternative use a natural baby oil on a gentle cloth to wipe it clean. Avoid commercial wipes that can contain alcohol, fragrance and preservatives that can irritate delicate baby skin and if you are using a disposable nappy go for natural fibres without nasty plastics which allow your baby’s bottom to breathe.

  3. Free Bottoms.
    Nappy free time is a great way to heal nappy rash and allows your bubba’s bottom some time to breathe. Place your bubba in a warm room on a waterproof mat and let fresh air heal and repair.

  4. Treatment Options.
    If your bubba does develop nappy rash the below options will assist in getting their bottoms happy again. Firstly, try a soothing balm which will soothe and heal. The Edible Bubba Cucumber Soothing Balm contains botanicals designed to gently calm, soothe and repair delicate skin. Secondly apply a protective cream such as Edible Bubba Coco Baby Bottom Cream to protect, nourish and prevent the issue from arising.  This should be after every nappy change until the irritation resolves. Thirdly try allow your baby some nappy free time and closely consider what products you are using on their delicate skin. Use a gentle baby oil such as Edible Bubba Vanilla Dream Baby Oil to gently clean and moisturise their skin.



Anna Mitsios, Naturopath & Edible Beauty Australia Founder




*This blog was originally posted on the BUBBA - Edible Beauty Australia blog.

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