The Importance of World Love for Dolphins Day 2017

As Valentine’s day approaches, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling on supporters and animal lovers around the world to show their love for dolphins and help end the slaughter in Taiji, Japan by taking part in World Love for Dolphins Day on February 12.

Every year, from September to March entire pods of dolphins and small whales are driven into what’s become infamously known as “the cove” in Taiji where they’re slaughtered for their meat and a select few are taken and sold for captivity.

Sea Shepherd was among the first to bring what happens in Taiji to light in 2003. Later, the award-winning documentary The Cove would raise international outrage and bring attention to the relationship between the slaughter and the practice of taking and selling some of these cetaceans to marine parks around the world where they’re exploited for entertainment.

Sadly, despite widespread condemnation these annual drives are still taking place. As yet another months-long dolphin drive is winding down, dolphin advocates are gearing up to bring them to an end.

At EcoDiva, we give back to Sea Shepherd with every purchase on our website. We support what the do every day, but we stand with them on this particular day to raise awareness and protect this miraculous, intelligent creatures. Get involved by joining a local demonstration or supporting Sea Shepherd with a donation!


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