Top 10 Pregnancy Beauty Products

Pregnancy is not a time to be baptizing your unborn child in synthetic chemicals and preservatives. If you aren't aware of the toxic ingredients in personal care products, here is list of ingredients to avoid. Eco Diva makes it easy to take the guess work out of shopping for pregnancy safe beauty products. So instead of pouring over ingredient lists, check out these face and body goodies that are bump-approved for pregnancy – and beyond.
  1. BEST OIL FOR YOUR BUMP: Zoe Organics Belly Oil is a beautiful moisturizing serum. Loaded with a powerful blend of nutrient-rich oils proven to fight stretch marks and scars by aiding in healthy skin cell regeneration and restoring skin's elasticity.
  2. BEST FOR YOUR HAIR: Yarok Feed Your Moisture Shampoo is sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free, Triclosan-free, DEA-free, Petrochemical-free and, if that wasn’t enough, it will restore gloss and infuse tresses with hydrating oils, including argan, organic coconut and organic hemp seed. 
  3. BEST FOR SOOTHING RASHY SKIN: Pregnancy can bring on irritating facial rashes, small red lumpy spots that appear around nose, mouth, chin and cheeks. Don't let that get you down because the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel is a life-saver! It's a deeply comforting, soothing and hydrating antibacterial treatment that leaves skin soft, supple and refreshed.
  4. BEST FOR HORMONAL BREAKOUTS: The May Lindstrom Skin - Problem Solver Mask is a highly addictive intense treatment that will kiss pregnancy breakouts goodbye! This magical masque effectively purifies and tightens pores, extinguishes inflammations, fights and heals blemishes, jump-starts circulation in the epidermis and detoxifies skin with delightful ease and power. 
  5. BEST CLEANSER/MAKEUP REMOVER: The ultimate multi-tasker, the One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil  effortlessly lifts away impurities and makeup while restoring skin's natural moisture and pH balance. The unique, creamy formula features papain, a fruit enzyme that helps to exfoliate and soften skin and keep that pregnancy glow!
  6. BEST BODY EXFOLIATOR: LOVEFRESH's famous hydrating sugar scrub is 100% natural, gentle and perfect for exfoliating curvy mamas from head-to-toe! It uses sugar to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system (which moves toxins out of the body), and makes your skin glow and even helps tone and firm your body. 
  7. BEST NATURAL DEODORANT: Hand-crafted in the Oregon, Schmidt's Deodorant will change the way you think about natural deodorants. Their formula effectively keeps you smelling fresh and absorbs wetness without the use of aluminum or other harmful chemicals that you, nor your baby want to come in to contact with! 
  8. BEST BODY MOISTURIZER: May Lindstrom Skin's The Good Stuff Body Oil is a big favorite for pregnant mama's and makes a great gift. Big bellied mamas envelope their curvy selves in luxurious golden hydration. Bonus: Thanks to cocoa, rose, lavender and ylang-ylang, you can skip the perfume because the scent is intoxicating! 
  9. BEST FACIAL/EYE SERUM: The La Bella Figura Renewal & Repairative Set effectively minimizes wrinkles and fine lines and supports skin with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and bioactive botanicals for a healthy and youthful glow. So ban the botox and retinols and say hello to best natural anti-aging fighters you can use to look like you've gotten the best night’s sleep of your life.
  10. BEST BUTTER FOR YOUR BUMP: This Organic Belly Butter helps to relieve itching and is a rich conditioner for stretching skin during pregnancy. Shea butter, rosehip, avocado and coconut oils, work to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
Do you have some favorite pregnancy beauty products that have helped you? Let us know in the comment section below!
**Photography by Cradled Creations
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