1. CHARLENE, founder of EcoDiva Beauty

PRTTY PEAUSHUN Plain Travel Size

This is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child—I have so many! I have issues with dry skin and a strong aversion to strong odours. I don't  like having dry hands. I've tried so many hand creams over the years and I continue to.  The past few years I have made the PRTTY PEAUSHUN Plain Travel Size a must in my bag for my hands. Although this was not the original intent for the product it is highly nourishing for your skin and has a very light clean grapefruit smell! Love it! Please use it for an amazing body cream as intended also! 

2. NATALIA, EcoDiva Resident Makeup Artist

One Love Organics Skin Savior Multi-tasking Wonder Balm

My top pick is One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm. It's just an all overall "wow" product! The versatility it has it incredible! From makeup remover to deep hydration balm to a DIY foundation maker with mineral powders I have fallen in love with this product especially in the winter months to get more intensive moisture. Being that I have oily / combination skin I'm impressed that it doesn't clog my pores or break me out—it does quite the opposite!

3. MARISSA, EcoDiva Design Lead

W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss

I get super chapped lips living in the Okanagan—really arid climate. I first tried W3LL People Bio Extreme Lipgloss a year ago and honestly, I can't say enough good things about this gloss. I love the viscous texture that melts into your lips and doesn't feel like a heavy layer on top. I love the light shine, colour and scent for a more polished, natural look. The best part is that even though the light glossiness doesn't last all day, the moisturizing does—which is stellar if you need to sneak in an afternoon kiss from your loved ones. :D  Happy Valentine's Day!

4. SAMANTHA, EcoDiva Blog Contributor

Vitruvi STILL Face & Body Mist

Not only is the Vitruvi Aromatherapy line an intoxicatingly great smelling, luxury aromatherapy line, but they're also a great way to spark some chemistry with your loved one on Valentine's Day. I mean, who wouldn't want to smell lovely for their special someone? 

This STILL Face & Body Mist has lavender—a natural sedative that relaxes you—and chamomile—which reduces stress. So, you can be feeling your most relaxed and ready to do some serious cuddling! Another one of my favourite things about them is their inspiration. They pull from ancient botanical practices in which each formulation is custom blended with high grade essential oils that are sourced from around the world. This means it's 100% organic, and its botanical oils are sourced from 17 countries. Luxurious essential oils for the lover of lovely scents and of course, for your special love.

STILL Face & Body Mist Benefits

  • Chamomile: Reduces stress
  • Vetiver: Soothes insecurities and calms the mind
  • Lavender: Sedative and natural antimicrobial 

5. SARA, EcoDiva Blog Contributor and Founder of Vitruvi Aromatherapy

Vitruvi DO Massage Oil 

It's a because it is a modern take on traditional aphrodisiacs. The scent is half feminine oils (floral rose, sweet vanilla) and half masculine oils (smoky vetiver and sandalwood), it's a beautiful oils that is perfect for cozy winter nights.  

DO Massage Oil Key Botanicals

  • Cinnamon: Physical and emotional stimulant
  • Vetiver: Soothes insecurities
  • Vanilla: Sedative and natural aphrodisiac 

6. ASHLEY, EcoDiva Blog Contributor

Hynt Beauty Aria Lipstick in Peonies Please

Why I love it: Not only is this lipstick totally name appropriate for the season (peonies are my flower of choice), but the color is just the perfect coral-rose hybrid. I know some ladies like to go nude to be kiss ready, but I just don't feel quite ready for date night on Valentine's Day without the perfect lipstick shade. Not to mention, this shade is universally flattering!

7. GINA, EcoDiva Blog Contributor

Bottega Organica Soothing Lip Balm, St. Johns Wort

All of Bottega Organica's lip balms are excellent, but the Soothing Lip Balm with St. Johns Wort is the best treatment for turning dry, flaky lips into a smooth, kissable pout–especially perfect for Valentine's Day.  During the winter months my naturally oily skin gets dry and flaky, but with the right treatment it normalizes.  My lips, however stay dry throughout the entire season. I use the Soothing Lip Balm religiously every night and morning (it's by my bedside), and it delivers on it's promise to cure dry, chapped lips. Whether you're celebrating with a significant other or solo (self love is just as important on Valentine's Day) I highly recommend adding this lip balm to your pre V-Day regimen. Your lips and lover will thank you! 

8. Nicolle, EcoDiva Editorial Manager

One Love Organics + Plum Pretty Sugar Love for Pretty Gift Set

Who doesn't love a luxurious robe to get ready in? This gift set is an exclusive collab between OLO, Plum Pretty Sugar and EcoDiva and it's all you need to get ready for your big night out (or a big night in!). The kimono robe is soft, and beautiful, and makes me feel confident and gorgeous on its own. But, when paired with the OLO Brand New Day Scrub, they're a pair that helps prep me and my skin for the day. Bonus: The robe can be a sexy little thing to change into post Valentine's Day activities. Wink wink. 


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Nicolle Mackinnon is a magazine editor and freelance writer, editor and social media consultant with an affinity for clean beauty, yoga and puppies. She blogs for No More Dirty Looks

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