To me, luxury isn't about having all the newest things, gadgets and products. Immediately jumping on the latest bandwagon isn't just unnecessary, it's tiring. Instead, I've always found luxury in simplicity. I prefer having fewer but better things, and love efficiency and consistency. In recent years, I've found the same applies to my morning skincare routine and makeup. How does that work, do you ask? Read on for more about why the quality, not the quantity of your morning routine matters.

Since launching a brand, Vitruvi, in the natural products industry, I have continued to learn more about the quality of natural cosmetics and I am incredibly passionate about the safe cosmetics movement and wish for women to know what they put on their skin everyday. Beyond just piece of mind about switching from chemical-laden makeup to a natural alternative, learning about the benefits that nonotixc makeup can offer has instigated a shift in my energy and perspective on cosmetics.

The ingredients in my nontoxic makeup are more of a spa treatment than a means of covering my skin. Jojoba oil nourishes my skin in my foundation and eyeliner, my bronzing stick has calming aloe and antioxidants such as green tea seed oil that helps prevent wrinkles. This new generation of makeup can actually help our skin by hydrating, nourishing, repairing blemishes and preventing wrinkles with key botanical extracts. Now, before I purchase or add to my makeup bag, I’ve started asking more questions rather than the traditional, "What is the coverage like?" or "Is this my colour?"  I now ask what the ingredients are, what their benefits are and how they can make my skin better.  

When I put my makeup on in the morning, it helps me feel more aware and fresh, and I also leave the house with the piece of mind that my makeup is "working for me," benefiting my skin throughout the day. Like a facial, my morning makeup ritual has become a time to give my face some attention and to hydrate it with botanicals and extracts you would expect from an evening night cream. Here are a few of my favorite makeup products:

  • W3LL PEOPLE Bio Bronzer Stick: An easy to apply bronzer perfect for contouring with green tea seed oil, organic aloe leaf extract, and olive oil hydrate and protect skin.
  • W3LL PEOPLE Hypnotist Eye PencilAs simple and blendable eyeliner with jojoba seed oil and calming pigments. I set it with black eyeshadow to help from creasing. 
  • Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin PerfectorThe best skin primer I’ve ever used. It is a complex blend of botancials including organic elderberry, pumpkin seed oil, organic papaya extract, natural vitamin E and wildcrafted frankincense to name a few. This serum leaves the skin with a beautiful finish and soft velvet texture. Its magic in a bottle. 

  • Vapour Atmosphere Luminous FoundationThe perfect amount of coverage and treatment to help conceal and treat any blemishes and prevent fine lines. With an herbal complex of frankincense, tulsi and lotus extracts, it helps soothe, calm and protect.

These are my favorites and have been an very welcome investment in my skin and my makeup bag. Another favorite thing about these products is that they are airport safe. I travel frequently and only use a carry-on—these are mostly in stick form so they easily fit in a small bag and stay clean and compact in my carry-on. Now it's your turn: I would love to hear what your favorite products are! And leave your favorites and tips/tricks in the comments below. 



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