It's that season again … the drop in temperature , dry indoor heater air,  and holiday diet are not very kind to our skin and can leave it feeling sensitive , raw and more red then we would like. In colder temperatures, our skin stops producing moisture and the dry air from heaters sucks out much of the little moisture that is naturally left on skin. This reduces the lipid layer, cracking the protection barrier that keeps our skin cells comfortable and healthy. The compromised barrier leads to further moisture loss and increase in skin cell damage leading to irritation, redness and flaky dry skin texture. Flare ups in skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema are increased during this time and all skin types need a bit of extra care. But it's preventable and you can heal it with natural skincare! Read on for tips on how to survive winter and keep your skin healthy, from Fitglow Beauty founder, Anna Buss.


While its nice to come in from the cold and warm up your skin with a hot shower or face wash, it will actually further irritate and dry winter skin. 


Since your skin's moisture is being drained by winter conditions indoors and out, it is critical not to further remove the moisture barrier of your skin. So put down that bar of soap or foam cleanser as they will be too harsh at this time and remove too much of the good moisture that keeps your skin healthy and happy. Choose a gentle cleansing product such as the Calm Cleansing Milk, which gently removes makeup (including mascara) and cleanses the skin without stripping skin of essential moisture.  



Due to the reduced moisture levels, your skin is hungry for healthy moisture that helps protect it from further dryness and damage. It's essential to feed skin moisturizers rich in nutrients that not only protect the skin but also penetrate the skin and deliver antioxidants, vitamins that strengthen the skin from within. My pick this season is Bliss Oil as it soothes skin with healing organic oil blend that feeds skin moisture plus these important nutrients:

  • Calophyllic acid from TAMANU OIL 

  • PALMITOLEIC FATTY ACIDS from Macadamia Oil 



For best results, apply Bliss Oil or serums on a slightly damp face after washing and misting with Sea Toning Mist. The vegan hyaluronic acid in the Sea Toning Mist will help trap moisture and nutrients into your skin. 


The constant fluctuation in temperatures from the cold outside to the warm and cozy indoors can bring out redness and irritation causing the skin to become itchy and flake. Treat redness by applying Redness Rescue Cream (RRC) over face oil. The slight green mineral tint will immediately reduce redness and even skin tone while the organic soothing blend of comfrey, calendula and chamomile will work deeply in the skin to heal damaged irritated skin cells. Newly added to RRC is wakame seaweed cell extract, which has incredible skin healing and regenerating powers. This super hero ingredient increases cell oxygen to help detoxify cells and build collagen that supports healthy skin cell structure and firmness. Redness Rescue Cream is also a great base to Vita Active Foundation as it will even out redness, so you don't need as much foundation to achieve the even-skinned look. This is a total must-have product for anyone with rosacea and perfect after a hot yoga class when your skin is a bit flushed or angry 


Give your skin some extra TLC once a week with the Weekend Reset Kit. Start by cleansing skin and applying the Microscrub to wet skin then gently massage in a circular motion into face and neck paying special attention to dry patches around the nose, forehead and brows. The tiny clay beads in the Microscrub will gently remove dead flaky skin and leave skin smooth and ready for the Renew Mask. Apply a think layer of this creamy mask and let it do the heavy work overnight while you catch up on your beauty sleep. The organic enzyme blend of papaya and pumpkin plus white willow bark work deeply in skin pores to remove toxins, makeup buildup and unclog pores while tamanu oil and aloe juice deliver moisture to the freshly exposed clean skin cells. In the morning, gently cleanse skin to reveal your fresh, smooth and glowing complexion. 


Drier conditions and dehydrating environments can leave the skin flacky and less even making is easy for powders to sit on the surface and not blend well so this is the perfect time to switch to a healthy liquid foundation that will give better and more even coverage. Vita Active Foundation's serum base makes it a perfect way to cover this winter and continue to feed your skin moisture, nutrients and protection from the environmental toxics and conditions. 

So this winter shake up your skin care routine and improve the look and heath of your skin. Be gentle and adjust your beauty rountine to the seasonal conditions and your skin will thank you for it!


Fitglow Beauty Founder
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