Elde Cosmetics

Elde Cosmetics

Blending science and nature is Norwegian line ELDE's passion. ELDE's ingredient philosophy takes skincare to a new level, based on three years of research. It is no longer just about being basic, simple and modern. It's about drawing new lines, finding new formulas and delivering pure luxury.

Founded by Vemund Eldegard, ELDE was born when he was looking for skincare products to save his skin from hormonal breakouts and dryness. Vemund could not find any natural products that where not made of just oils and butters—he needed something advanced and fast-acting. ELDE became that line, a breath of fresh air within skincare. The line offers high-tech, advanced formulas with everything the skin needs. Vemund hand picks what each bottle is filled with, how it is filled and how it’s formulated.

ELDE products are 100% natural, and free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Many beauty brands claim to be 100% natural, while still using synthetic preservatives to make long lasting products. Ever seen ingredients such as phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin in an ingredient list? ELDE promises to never use ingredients preserved with either of these.

What Vemund created are accessible, safe and natural products that work for even the most sensitive of skin types. Free from any synthetic preservatives, parfume and essential oils, the line uses natural and organic ingredients and is certified PETA cruelty-free and vegan.

ELDE sources the hardest to find, most potent and luxurious ingredients on the planet. Shea butter from Africa, exclusive oils from Australia, extracts from the rain forest, flowers from France and anti-agers from Dubai. The line works with small communities across the globe to source Fair Trade, organic ingredients for all its products. The natural potent energy from ELDE's products delivers fast long-lasting results. Natural skincare has never been more modern, pure and rich than ELDE. 

Stand up for natural beauty, out of the ordinary. Life is beautiful!