Kahina Giving Beauty is more than a skincare line. With a focus on philanthropy at the center of all the line does, Kahina gives back to the communities it sources its ingredients from. The line is based around high concentrations of organic argan oil, an unquestionably amazing ingredient that is packed with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The oil has been used for centuries by the Berber women in Morocco's Argan region to protect their skin from the desert conditions, and Katharine L'Heureux, founder of Kahina, has funded the organic certification of a women's cooperative to allow them to more successfully participate in the international argan trade. The Berber women are recognized as the heroes behind the brand, hand-cracking each nut from the argan tree to produce the oil. Katharine's dedication to the Berber women has allowed the previously unprofitable cooperative to provide steady wages for its 46 members, and she remains involved to ensure that the women are fairly treated and compensated for their work.

The line has been setting standards and raising the bar for quality and sustainable ingredient sourcing since its inception. With argan oil at the base of all its formulations, Kahina Giving Beauty is great for all skin types and tones, with hydrating, healing ingredients that are ECOCERT licensed, meaning you can trust where all its beautiful, effective products are coming from.