Max and Me

Born out of a love-story, the award-winning, delightfully holistic,  artisan Austrian brand "Max and Me“ is a soulful dimension of beauty, never seen before, taking skincare beyond organic to the next level with highly vibrant, lit-from-within ingredients. Luminous treats suffuse you with a most beautiful, vibrant flow of energy, communicating deeply on a cellular & subtle level, bringing about shifts that benefit skin and soul, realigning you with the wholeness that is inside yourself, with your innate healing abilities. Each treasured piece of the collection initiates regulating impulses, restoring balance while deeply resonating with the needs of the individual skin. Be ready to glow from the inside-out in all your beauty.

Max and Me beautifully holds this high vibrational intention throughout the whole formulating and production process - every step of the way from the sun kissed plants to the precious bottle/jar you hold in your hands.

 The packaging is unique in its elegance, artisan detail and ethereal design. It resonates the tenderness, the delightfulness, the beauty of its content while encompassing the deep connection with the realm of plants.