Tata Harper


Tata Harper Skincare is the ultimate in luxury, organic, natural skincare. They've revolutionized the industry with high concentrations of active ingredients (each product contains anywhere from 9 to 29 actives, while other lines only utilize 1 to 3) in every bottle. But it isn't just about what the ingredients are to Tata: It's about where they come from. And many of the line's top-notch ingredients are grown on Tata's Vermont farm, where all the production happens. This way, they can own the research, development and production process from start to finish and ensure high quality all along the way, and the line is manufactured in small batches so it's as fresh as possible when it gets to your door. Their one-of-a-kind, award-winning formulas are created by Tata and a team of industry experts, including botanists, chemists, biologists and integrated medicine pracitioners, who stay up-to-date on teh most cutting edge techonogly and ingredients in natural skincare. That way, every ingredient chosen has a specific purpose and achieves a targeted result, giving you some of the most effective skincare on the market. 

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