VITRUVI - Aromatherapy

Founded by designer and humanitarian Sara Panton and her entrepreneur brother Sean, Vitruvi uses the art of aromatherapy to share stories from cultures around the world. The name is inspired by the Roman architect Vitruvius who stated that everything designed should have utility, functionality and beauty. Sara and Sean aim to apply that same attention to detail in the creation of all Vitruvi products so that they're as functional as they are beautiful. Their products are a representation of self-care, and having a reminder to take a minute for yourself, to apply something, to breathe deeply and to pause in appreciation.

Vitruvi is based on the fact that our brains and bodies react to scent before we’ve cognitively recognized it and scent unconsciously impacts us all the time. Vitruvi harnesses that power, with blends that target specific daily activities, enhancing your ability to focus, rest, move, wake and go. They utilize only high-grade essential oils, sourced from more than 17 countries, where they're gathered in small batches, and bottled in environmentally friendly packgaging. The line is against anmial testing, is dedicated to the preservation of culture and is passionate about providing healthcare in developing countries.