White & Elm


White & Elm was founded on the belief that we live in an increasingly toxic world—and we should do something about it! We shouldn’t accept that our products and our food is full of pesticides, chemicals and unsafe ingredients. Instead, we should be able to understand the labels on our products and make better, healthier choices for ourselves.

That’s what White & Elm is doing: Helping to make organic, natural beauty products accessible and available to encourage a healthy, vibrant life. All the line’s products are made with 10 ingredients or less, sourced from only the highest quality, plant-based ingredients. Most of those simple ingredients are organic and all natural, and combine to create formulations that work for all skin types. Plus, you don’t have to be a green beauty aficionado to understand the products or how to use them—White & Elm make it easy to convert your whole skincare routine to natural, organic beauty.