Back To School Pick 5 Makeup Bundle

Choose 5 premium makeup selections and get a FREE W3ll People makeup bag. It's a $180 Bundle for less than $125!***

Here's how you can fill your Shopping Cart and get your discount:

  1. Choose your desired product from each of the 5 collections below. You'll select 1 Foundation, 1 Concealer, 1 Blush or Eyeshadow, 1 Lip product and 1 Mascara in your bundle.
  2. There are 2 ways for you to Shop These Bundles. (a) Leave this page open and return to it until you've selected 1 item from each Collection, or, (b)Use the Product Bundle shopping Widget. You'll find this on every product page where there is a pink headline that says "Pick 5 Back To School Favourites HERE!"
  3. Once you have selected your 5 Favourites, Add a W3ll People Excursionist Makeup Bag to your Shopping Cart. Your discount will be applied and you can proceed to Checkout!
  4. PLEASE NOTE: Discounts will not be applied until you have selected 1 item from each of the 5 Collections AND added a Makeup Bag. ***This promotion will only be available while quantities last!***

Pick ONE product from each of the categories below, then add a makeup bag to complete your Bundle.



STEP 1: Choose A Foundation

Choose a foundation for Back to School from one of our favourite companies, Nu Evolution. You'll have your choice of any in-stock colour with your preference of Complete Coverage, Pressed or Loose Foundation.




STEP 2: Choose A Concealer

Get set for school with an awesome Conceal+ or Eye Bright Concealer from Fitglow Beauty. You simple won't find a better option for this Fall!  SHOP NOW



STEP 3: Choose A Blush or Eyeshadow

Take your choice of a brilliant blush from W3ll People, or select your favorite eyeshadow our huge selection from Alima Pure. Going back to school has never been this fun!  SHOP NOW



STEP 4: Choose A Lip Product

Enjoy one of the industry's most admired brands when you get to choose any lip product from ILIA Beauty. Trying to choose just ONE lipstick, gloss, pencil or conditioner will be the hardest part!  SHOP NOW



STEP 5: Choose A Mascara

You're almost there! Our final product is a Mascara from Nu Evolution. Choose a color that suits and get ready to wrap up your Back To School Bundle!  SHOP NOW




Before your discount can be applied, you'll have to add a W3ll People Excursionist Makeup Bag to your order. This handy bag will keep your bundle together while you get back in the groove.  SHOP NOW