Welcome to our EcoDiva Loyalty & Love Program

For our most devoted Divas, we've introduced our new Loyalty & Love program to thank you for your commitment to Green Beauty and caring for Mother Earth. Now every time you shop with EcoDiva, you can earn Luxury Points which can be exchanged for future savings. But spending alone isn't the only way you'll be rewarded for your support, as you can earn extra Luxury Points in simple ways such as referring friends to EcoDiva.
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Luxury Point Levels


( 0-499 Points )

$1 = 2 Luxury Point

Noun: "An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding."

You are connecting to that part of you that is bigger than the self. You know "intuitively" that your power as a consumer is omnipotent. This journey that you have embarked upon feels right and the universe is rewarding you...and so are we...



( 500-999 Points )

$1 = 3 Luxury Points

Noun: Knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement as to action, discernment or insight.

It is believed by many gurus ( wise teacher in Sanskrit) before us that "wisdom" is not learned, but inherent to us all. It is a gift we can call connect to through various means but "action" is implied to make it right.

That wise part within us is activated and you are more clear headed and insightful than ever before. Your mission seems clear...every action matters and you want yours to count.

You are in the right place divine Diva... we are listening to you and so is the universe.



( 1000 Points & Over)

$1 = 5 Luxury Points

Origin: 1700’s - extinction of the Individual soul into the Universal soul.

You have transformed and are a liberated being! You have become a powerful individual who cannot be conditioned by sales or rewards... including ours.

You know that every individual action indicates what the "collective" action and encompassing result will be. Others actions do not matter to you. You are a conscious being who knows what this means, and that every energy whether individual or a business will reflect the outcome of these actions!

We are honoured to know you.

Invite a Friend

Here at EcoDiva we want to change the world but we can't do it without you. So now that you've discovered our luxurious line of natural and organic beauty products, it's time to spread the word. Be our ambassadors for green beauty and be instantly rewarded with Luxury Points. And if they love them just as much as you do, you will continue to be rewarded again and again!
500 Luxury Points
When friend makes first purchase.

Ways to Spend Luxury Points

Now that you have Luxury Points, spending them is easy! Simply redeem your points through the Loyalty & Love tab and you'll receive an email with your Luxury Code to redeem at checkout.
Gift Card 100 Luxury Points = $1


  • How Do I Spend My Luxury Points? You can spend your Luxury Points by clicking on the Loyalty & Love tab while logged into your customer account. Then, under the Rewards section, you can click Redeem next to the reward you want to claim!
  • How much does it cost to join? Our Loyalty & Love program is totally free! We do it to say 'thank you' to our beautiful Divas!
  • Is there a limit to how many order points I can get? Of course not! We want to share the love for your continued loyalty!